Did You Have Flooding in Your Basement?

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Water damage creates a serious risk for your entire home. It can cause mold and rot, which are serious health concerns for your family. Once mold takes hold, you'll need the help of a professional mold removal company.

  • Penicillium which is usually green or blue is found on wallpaper, and carpets with water damage.  It is also known to be the cause of allergies.
  • Alternaria is plant mold that enters your home very easily.  It grows in damp areas and can be found under sinks, in showers, or window frames.  You will see that it is black in color and has a fuzzy texture.
  • Aspergillus is yellow-green on the surface and red-brown underneath.  It is found in damp and dusty areas in the house.
  • Cladosporium is the most common outdoor mold and is easily tracked indoors as well.  It is green-brown in color and is known to grow on porous surfaces. Removal is extremely important as it can cause asthma.
  • Stachybotrys is Toxic Black Mold.  It has a gelatinous texture and appears green to black. It has a very distinct odor and produces harmful, air-borne toxins.

Whether you are worried about the possible presence of mold or you've already found it, Dry N 3 Guaranteed in Columbus, Ohio will work to protect your home and your family. Call (614) 907-2452 today.

10 Common Symptoms of Toxic Mold Exposure

  • Brain fog or memory loss
  • Dizziness
  • Ear infections
  • Headaches, Migranes
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Joint numbness, pain or tingling
  • Persistent cough
  • runny nose, sinus problems
  • shortness of breath or wheezing
  • skin rashes
  • Prolonged exposure can cause digestive disorders, fatigue, mental illness, SIDS

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Dry N 3 Guaranteed is a mold remediation company based in Columbus, Ohio. We began serving the community in 2006, with a commitment to providing residents with clean, livable spaces. No matter what your situation is, our company will approach it with care and work with you to resolve the issue.

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John and this crew were amazing! They were courteous on time and super nice. They did an amazing job with the mold removal and cleaning of our roof. The estimate was free and I got to say a very affordable price too. I highly recommend him! Thanks, John!

Filmon G.

Jon called me immediately upon my request on HomeAdvisor. He explained to me about the mold on the ceiling in the bathroom and what to expect from him in the remediation of the mold. Jon was very thorough and professional. He did a fantastic job! I would definitely recommend his services to other customers.

Bill B.

They did a wonderful professional job in removing mold from the attic. He gave a free estimate & explained everything from start to finish. They were on time and cleaned up everything. Even offered to place things back that I moved prior to the job being done. Thanks for a job well-done guys!!!!

Petrina T.

Dryn3 was there for me within hours of my call. Other companies that I left a message with didn't respond until the following day after Dryn3's Jon had started cleaning my basement. Jon was reliable and quickly treated my emergency.

Olivia H.

Working with John from Dry N 3 was very simple as he explained the process thoroughly from start to finish. John also provided before and after pictures of the crawl space for our mold remediation. I would highly recommend this company for anyone.


Dry N 3 did a great job. John was helpful and knowledgeable about the process. They resolved our problem quickly and effectively. Thank you!

Dave F.

Excellent company! When you call, likely you will speak to the owner. John is an awesome guy. They stand behind their work and are very flexible with your schedule. They make sure to walk you through the steps of the remediation process, so that way you feel comfortable and know when not to go into the area. They also explain the products they use so you don't feel like you're making the situation worse. Much like their name, the area affected will be dry in 3. They make sure to cover anything you may leave in the area they do their we work as well. All cobwebs and joists will get cleaned too.

Scott W.

5 Stars!

I would highly recommend Jon and his services. We recently hired him to remove mold from our
bathroom and renovate the area. The whole experience working with Dryn3 was a pleasant one. Jon
was always on time for appointments. Every time anything was uncovered he made sure to take
pictures and discuss the options for treatment. I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were
for all of the work that was done. If we have mold needs in the future we will be sure to call Jon and I
would highly recommend him to anyone.


Jon was an absolute pleasure to work with from cradle to grave on our mold issue. From his
responsiveness to his knowledge on the subject, he gave me the piece of mind I needed in getting
this completed. He was able to diagnose the issue, provide an estimate and complete the cleanup all
in a matter of 24 hours. He also provided before and after photos and explained what he did every
step of the way to remediate the mold. Highly recommend Dryn3 for any mold problems you might
have. Jon is a wealth of knowledge and he will not disappoint!


I spoke to John about my mold concern over the phone at about 4:30 pm. He made it a point to
come out to my home to review the issue that same evening which was about an hr drive from the
job he was working on at the time. Upon arrival- he was thorough, took adequate time with us and
explained very well what to be concerned about, smells, etc. He set my mind at ease and explained
to my astonishment- that he did not find any mold. He didn't take any money for a quote and most
importantly and did not try and rake me over the coals for a job that wasn't needed at the time. I
would absolutely recommend Dryn3 to anyone looking for an honest, reliable company for mold


Jon and his team responded within minutes of my call. They were able to perform an emergency bioclean, in addition to performing a full move out clean to "move-in" ready condition within the time
frame discussed. Reliability, quality service, and communication are key for our business success
and Dryn3 checked all the boxes. We are looking forward to our partnership with them!


Wow! Fantastic service. I would give 10 out of 5 stars. John was super responsive and excellent at
communication. Through each step of my mold remediation he checked in with me and explained
my options. He was extremely professional and also personable and a lot of fun. He and his
assistant worked hard when they were here, leaving everything in great shape. He was very thorough
and did a fantastic job. Highly recommend!!


My volatile tenant called me on a Friday night about mold in the basement. It was the weekend so
after calling 3 companies, John responded. What a Blessing!!! He went out on Monday and called me
with a detailed explanation of the problem and what needed to be done to solve it. He sent me
pictures and an estimate. The job was completed on Wednesday and it was Amazing!! Not only was
John very knowledgeable and professional, but he was also calm and patient with the tenant. Thank
you, John for making a frustrating situation tolerable. -