Common places to find mold

Mold can thrive in dark, damp places in your home. It can wreak havoc on your structure, and your health. Get rid of mold as quickly as possible by hiring Dry N 3 Guaranteed for mold remediation services.

Some of the most common places you’ll find mold include:

  • Under the carpet
  • Behind the walls
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Crawl Spaces
  • On the subfloors

Do you suspect the presence of mold in your home? Hire a mold remediation company in Columbus, Ohio today by calling (614) 907-2452.

Know the signs of mold

Mold is a serious problem, and even more so because it can be hard to detect. If you've had any water damage or moisture issues in your home, it's best to check for mold regularly. Get in touch with Dry N 3 Guaranteed for mold remediation services in Columbus, OH right away if you notice...

  • Damp odors or musky smells around your vents
  • Brown, black or green spots on your walls or floors
  • Increased allergy symptoms or asthma attacks

We can treat your problem areas right away to minimize any serious health risks or damage to your property.